And now the class begins..

First and foremost, thank you most sincerely to each and everyone one of you who has helped Bikram Yoga Mountain View come to life.

On July 16th, we had a grand opening celebration with 3 full classes and the smiles, greetings, well-wishing and your support was priceless.

Monday, July 18th, after having been open a week, I was walking around the school and thinking what this place will come to witness, what the walls will hear, who our mirrors will reflect. I always hear Bikram in my mind when he tells the story of how his Guru told him to leave India and to go and spread yoga all over the world. To think of it, how crazy that mission must of sounded. Just like that! Go….

And now with hundreds of Bikram Yoga Studios all over the world, the power of Bikram’s Yoga is evident. It’s not a myth, or rumor that this yoga works. It’s a fact. Already having been open less than a month, I have listened to a handful of testimonials. It’s so simple. Bikram’s Yoga is a prescription not only for your body, but also for your mind and soul.

It strengthens the connection between your body and mind. You can read this and say, “sure”. But that means nothing. You have to work, work hard. Face obstacles, sweat hard, breathe consciously.

I invite all of you to take this practice on full force. You can come take one class and make all the judgements you like. If you do, then look at how quick you make judgements about everything in your life. When I took my first class, I thought this was ridiculous. I thought ..why in hell..would I put myself through hell. But I swear a few hours later I felt like I was in heaven.

Your first few class may be difficult.  With every class you take, know that you have succeeded in understanding that through the sweat, perhaps uncomfortable breathing, pain..there is something inside of you telling you that this is actually good for you..that you perhaps have the willpower to overcome. To face yourself in the mirror and see the truth. Most importantly find the beauty in your truth.

I will, with all my power and might make sure you let the Bikram Yoga series chase you. We have a great group of teachers, certified and re-certified to make sure you are making progress the right way.

That’s it for now. I look forward to the growth of the Bikram Yoga Mountain View family. We are going to be a “hot” one.