There is one simple language when we enter the yoga room. There is no secret, no hidden mystery as to what that language is. It is something that we teachers continually tell you to do in the yoga room and also the moment you go about your day after class. It holds volumes of power and benefit that is like owning the most precious diamond in the palm of your hand. It can save you and without this language there is no life.

That language is your BREATH. It is what threads our every movement in our 90 minute Bikram class. On days where class is a struggle you all come and say “Well, I stayed in the room and breathed”. THAT is perfect right there. When you recognize and honor that, then that is the yoga right there. You were or are with what is. And what it is is very simple.

One of my favorite stories that Bikram Choudhury shares in his book Bikram Yoga is the story of saving the life of Ursula Batur in 1971. She was the wife of an Israeli ambassador, who was dying of cancer. The story is poignant. He writes,

I transferred my guru’s cosmic power from my body to Ursula’s. I sat down on the bed in front of her and led her through some deep inhaling and exhaling. I did this pranayama breathing with her from about 6pm till midnight, when she got up, went to bathroom, drank some water- she even ate some leftover food from the gathering they had called to observe her death.

Bikram went to see Ursula for 8 months and she passed away a year and eight months after she was supposed to. Everyone claimed he had performed some kind of magic on her, when all did was teach her to breathe again.

Life is Breath.

Breath and oxygen to all our systems is a quite a shock to a beginner or to someone who has taken a break from yoga for awhile. Most of you know that when the breath is with you, when you own the language of your breath, your asanas become pure meditation.

We have so many new wonderful yogis and yoginis at Bikram Yoga Mountain View. This practice invites all of your to discover the amazing journey of how to use your breath, to live your breath and have your breath live you. By doing so you enhance the condition of your organs, your circulation and of course your SPINE.

Yes, February does hold the language of love. Let’s make that language your breath filled with love. Let that oxygenated love fill your veins and pump your heart with PRANA – Life Force – so that you may live your life with a force that is greater than you.