New Year Journey

Exciting times are upon us once again, with BYMV’s 3rd 60-day challenge underway. This is an incredible and profound way to start the year. It is a time to embrace clear visions of what will serve us in our life, for ourselves and for everyone in it and around it.

I have no doubt that we all at this moment are thinking, planning and calculating ways to make our lives better, healthier, or more fulfilling. But along with a newfound sense of willingness to make a change always comes that shadow, that lingering ‘old’ energy that comes creeping into our thoughts and actions.

It is important to recognize that these obstacles, whether internal or external, simply provide us with the opportunity to wake up. To see each and every block as something that we can understand and let go of, by raising our own consciousness. Part of the journey is to understand and acknowledge that the past is gone.

It may have an imprint, a lasting emotional attachment to that memory, though times like the New Year allow us to dig in deep and change our minds to clear up our path ahead. Sweep away the old and manifest the future. The future perhaps meaning today. Make it a point to stay committed to something that will serve you, not only for the year ahead but for the rest of your life.

It is very common for us to do this 60-day challenge to lose holiday pounds. Perhaps this time, shift that idea more inwards. For example, you could look at this as a compassion challenge. Every day, focus on what compassion means for you. By clear intention of your compassion, you may find your body changing, as the love is there. The focus is positive wisdom within, which in turns transforms the body in so many ways.

Doing 60 classes in 60 days may seem daunting, when in fact it is very simple. Just do it. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Even if that means staying on your yoga mat breathing for 90 minutes. I sincerely understand that we all have busy lives. Some of you work long hours, have families to care for.

We must never forget that nourishing our body, mind and soul with conscious movement and breath provides benefits that are limitless.

Start the challenge with your heart wide open and a positive mental attitude. You in turn will BECOME the inspiration the world needs. Start the challenge to jumpstart a wonderful habit that hopefully stays with you beyond the 60 days.

One of the great aspects of this yoga challenge is the camaraderie, the people you meet all doing the same thing. Check out Bikram Yoga studios around the world. Mostly all of them are holding challenges of some sort. What a shifting, universal time for all. We are taking part of something global, on highly energetic, spiritual level.

It is up to us to make the commitment to follow through, live through and break through those shadows and doubts. To honor, see and love the reflection that stares back at us every day.