Spinal Heart

Lately I have been bombarded with all things pertaining with matters of the heart. From geometry findings, to back bending, to the simple words that can come from our hearts.

Recently Gianna Purcell, 2013 USA Yoga Champion wrote, “Why do we back bend? What does it do for the body physically and emotionally? It’s not necessarily about going way back, more back. It is about decompressing the desks to free up the spinal nerves. It’s about stimulating the chakras and opening the heart, it’s finding an even liberation of the spine without favoring that more common, easier place to the bend the spine.” -Gianna P

It is in our Bikram Yoga practice that we diffuse emotions such as anger, impatience and frustrations. There are many new students lately who have shared with me how through a dedicated yoga practice, they respond differently to obstacles in life. Stressful work environments suddenly become more tolerable as yoga frees up the spirit and brings peaceful conscious awareness to our minds. Our heart and mind suddenly have a better connection, all because we work our spine. Gianna’s point about finding an even liberation of the spine translates to our lives. Finding the balance within and outside our bodies. Our spinal nerves finally getting some attention so that we can be free from physical and emotional pain.

Recently I met Frank Chester who is an artist, sculptor and geometrician. He discovered the Chestahedron, a seven sided shape which through much exploration and discoveries, brings to light the relationship between the shape itself and the human heart. Through flexible thinking and his creative forces in full speed, he brought “into the world an extension and furtherence of principles of sacred geometry and the mysterious relationships between form and spirit.”

You may ask yourself, what does this have to do with yoga? This has everything to do with it. Frank used his discovery to bring to surface that with known forms, a new shape, chamber can be born. Heart consciousness expanding to a whole new level.
Our Yoga practice brings to surface how we can generate an open heart and unfold chapters of the heart we may not know we own. There is no limit!
For 17 years I have practiced not only my hatha yoga. I have practiced in understanding how my heart works. How it moves and talks, listens and responds. When I saw Frank explain his discovery and his future ideas, my heart exploded with enthusiasm and wonder. Just like when we make our own personal discoveries in yoga class. There is always more room for expansion. For love. Whether we back bend or make shapes. There is only one language we speak.

The language of love. For ourselves, our body, heart and mind and for each being on this earth.