The Power of The Dialogue

Very soon we will have three new Bikram teachers at BYMV!

They are at teacher training now, working through the last few weeks of an incredibly demanding nine-week training session.

At Teacher Training, trainees do the Bikram series twice a day for 9 weeks (11 classes a week), and are immersed in anatomy classes, lectures with Bikram, movie nights, and most importantly, learning the dialog.

The words in the dialog clearly describe each posture in the series. Even after decades of teaching, Bikram’s teaching and dialog is the same. His class today carries as much spirit and passion as it did when he first started teaching.

The words are simple, the commands sharp and effective. There is little room for you to think. It’s a very powerful relationship between the teachers words and your body.

When you hear words like “patience” and “determination,” your body automatically begins to feel those words, and they translate down into your cells and express themselves in your movements.

That is why consistency in your practice is key, as it takes time for your body and mind to really understand these words and its meaning.

The dialog helps us to concentrate on realizing who we are, as it is up to us to listen, see and witness the changes physically and more profoundly, mentally.

This is why we teach using Bikram’s dialog.

As we welcome our new certified, dedicated, and passionate teachers, you will hear crystal-clear instruction, in the form of the dialog. You will also hear different voices, new intonations and fresh energy.

Please encourage and support them as they begin to teach the dialog. Open your ears and listen to every single word and command.

Let the words flow through your heart and soul, and let go of trying to understand or master it completely.

Just soak in each word in that moment and let Bikram’s dialog become your 90-minute meditation.

Congratulations to Huong Nguyen, Priscila Migliorini and Katie Larion ~ Future BYMV teachers!