Traffic Jam

Our central nervous system is an incredible highway of power and joy that we can only access when we accept the ebb and flow of traffic jams that may take place throughout the day. We constantly find ways to gain access to our own personal light changer in order to switch the red light to green in half a second.

Lately in my own yoga practice there have been a lot of internal traffic jams. Lots of mini fender benders, big crashes, endless red lights — the yoga police stopping me at every corner with a big ticket.

I’m sure you can all relate. Some days our own internal highway looks like a lovely one-lane road in Ireland, and other days it’s L.A. gridlock.

The big question is the light changer. How do we change the light from red to green? How can we unleash the dam holding up the energy without which we seem to suffocate on our yoga mats?

Sometimes we have our tool box available to take out what we need in order to stay at peace within the traffic. It could be as simple as pacing yourself in class. Turning your focus to one thing at a time. Standing completely still and breathing. Embracing savasana when needed.

These tools are effective. However, what I find significant and have recently re-discovered is the STATE of your mind, heart and spirit. It’s beyond the words this practice delivers and environment of the yoga room where the power lies.

Part of this process is reflecting on HOW we react. Do you continuously go through your rage over and over again in your mind, which in turn will always keep that red light red? Do you react from a place of patience, which is great but often fleeting, more like a red light turning to yellow?

When body, mind AND spirit are consciously awake inside you, then actually nothing needs to be done. The acceptance of where you are now is the state that then unleashes that dam. That changes the red light to green even when it’s still red. So whether it be sadness or pure bliss, the acceptance of it is your power. Let these jams be permitted. Let self-reflection reveal the wisdom that lies within you to smooth out the speed bumps.

Sometimes we search and search for a way out. We look for the faster lane. We wait for the teacher to command the last instructions before getting into the posture. We are very very good at creating complex routes to get to our final destination.

It is up to you to accept where you are now on a emotional level and physical level. That acceptance is the light changer, the transformation. And if that means you have to wait 5 minutes or 50 minutes. That’s ok. Because the ebb and flow of life is ALWAYS there. It’s our responsibility to stay awake. To honor the LA traffic surrounded by the cliffs of Ireland.