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Kerry L

I discovered Bikram yoga in October of 2013. I did 11 classes during the 10 day intro. at BYMV and was hooked and confused. I grew up dancing (mostly ballet), and I crave the varied choreography of dance because it challenges my brain to connect with my body. I thought the routine of Bikram would bore me, especially since I had found 'yoga' boring in the past. But to my surprise, it was quite the opposite. I found it very satisfying, as it was challenging in a completely different way and I would feel SUPER after every class. 

As a dedicated student at BYMV, I recently discovered Hot Pilates in 2017 and began to notice my body changing in a good way. I developed more strength and endurance and noticed significant improvement in my Bikram practice as a result. I did the Hot Pilates teacher training in January of 2018 and began teaching at Bomitra in April. I am absolutely loving it!

As a chiropractor of over 28 years, I am especially focused on good postural, spinal and joint alignment. I feel that a well balanced fitness program is critical for our bodies to maintain optimal health. I am so happy that BYMV has incorporated BIkram, Yin, and Hot Pilates to offer this well rounded program in one location. I recommend Bomitra to all my patients and many have and do take classes regularly. Likewise, I do see many students from Bomitra in my chiropractic practice. I love both communities so much and it makes me so happy to be helping people in both my chiropractic practice and Hot Pilates practice. Feel free to email me at info@lindellchiropractic.com if you have any questions. My website is www.lindellchiropractic.com.