Lee D

I found Bikram Yoga in the fall of 2015 through a good friend, who brought me after I left my previous job, and had some time to kill. After suffering from ankle, knee, and hip injuries while pursuing a career in soccer, and then having those injuries lead to muscle atrophy and scoliosis, I was willing to try anything. I'd tried swimming, physical therapy, regimented gym workouts, but nothing could correct the internal imbalances. After completing my first 10-day trial, I knew Bikram Yoga would change my life forever. Before I knew it, I was on my way to teacher training, competing, and have been practicing everyday since.

I love teaching hot yoga, and bringing people everywhere a means to take care of themselves and grow as human beings. Every time we enter the room, we can learn something new about ourselves! In my opinion, in addition to the distinct physical benefits, the mental/psychological benefits are second to none. In addition to the traditional 26 and 2 series, I've started to dive deeper into the 84-series as well.

Outside of yoga, I love exploring in nature, reading, cooking, and music in all its forms. I like exploring the unknown, especially if it makes me uncomfortable. Even in the darkest times, I believe laughter is the best medicine. :-)