Matt N

I started Bikram Yoga back in spring 2011 - I was the Chief Architect for one of HP's Cloud product lines and found that my productivity, happiness and health were being impacted by my work stress. I knew I needed to find something powerful that would work on my mind as well as my body and deliver tangible results. I attended one class - was completely exhausted - but happy - and I knew this was exactly what I needed in my life!

I graduated from the spring 2014 teacher training program in LA. My life has always had an element of teaching/mentoring in it - something that is humbling and rewarding, and having the opportunity to do this in the context of peoples health, wellbeing and lets face it - life - is a huge privilege.

On Feb 9th 2015 I left HP to devote my time to being a full-time Bikram Yoga teacher.