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An incredible journey

When I opened the studio almost 6 years ago I had no idea about the incredible journey I was embarking upon. I had no experience running a business, but what I did know was the vision I wanted to create with the space: filling it with yogis who wanted to make yoga practice a part of their lives. A trusted place where people can feel loved and connected.  I hoped for BYMV to be a joyous space where people could make friends, take a good (hot) yoga class with inspiring teachers, and be provided with the tools to transform body and mind. 

In just 6 years we have blossomed into a beautiful, loving and fun community. There is no greater joy as an owner than to see your smile after class, to witness friendships being made, and yoga babies being born. It's all truly magical and heartfelt. 

As we approach our 7th year, I am excited to announce three big changes to BYMV.  

New Business Partner

I am thrilled to be entering into a new business partnership with BYMV teacher Barbara Daniels. Barbara adds much love, happiness, inspiration and laughter to BYMV. We have decided to join forces to make BYMV a thriving place for years to come. 

New Name

As part of our new partnership, Barbara and I wanted a name that better reflects our shared vision of BYMV. Our vision is to continue to provide you with great yoga classes, where healing takes priority and where friends, family and community connect. 

Introducing  Bomitra Yoga Mountain View 

Why Bomitra? We want BYMV to be the place where your body and mind are transformed. So we made up a word! :)  

Studio Updates

Finally, we will be making some changes to BYMV. With our new partnership and vision, we want the studio to mirror our shared love of yoga. We will be exploring ways to energize the studio, including flooring, lighting and retail. We ask for your patience as we make this transition. 

Final Thoughts

This yoga is designed to teach us how to live our life fully. It transforms us in so many ways and sometimes we don't even see it! This studio has become a home to many and we will continue to make this place a safe, joyous and healing haven for you to enjoy. This is the time where we go from the known to the unknown. We know this yoga works, we know this place is profound, and through that knowing comes the unknown potential. This journey is not my journey. It's all of ours to take together.

Join us as we celebrate the next new chapter of BYMV.