Yasuyo O

How did I get started with Bikram Yoga? I am a Japanese native who moved to California. After I moved, I missed visiting the hot baths and saunas that Japan is famous for, where I could relax and sweat for cleansing. A friend of mine told me there was a type of yoga practicing in a sauna. Really?! So I went. The class was intense, but relaxing and so much sweat. I saw immediately the potential benefits of Bikram yoga.

I decided to go to Teacher training in 2007 not so long after my first class, to explore Bikram yoga in greater depth. I never intended to become a teacher though. It was time to take a short leave from my career in high-tech, and believed the training was something crazy enough to change myself mentally and physically. I was right. I fell in love with teaching because I discovered a passion to share the love and knowledge I was given and give back to its wonderful community.

Practicing Bikram yoga in the mirrored room all these years has taught me a lot about myself. I realized those 90 minutes of the practice is like 90 years of life. It starts with building a foundation, overcoming the difficulties and finishing peacefully. How do I want to live my 90 years of life? How can I live more wisely? I believe the answers can be found in those 90 minutes.

When I teach, it’s my goal to make you feel safe, loved and receive 100% benefit from the effort you put in the class. Hope to see you soon! Namaste.