Yi-ting C

I was first introduced to Bikram yoga in 2005. I was skeptical when my roommate talked about sweating like hell in an airtight room. But the first class got me addicted. And it is hard to explain why and how until you try it in person. Just few months later I knew this yoga would company me for a long time. So I went to the teacher training in Summer 2007 -- the best decision and experience of my life.

Through teaching I learn more and more about human body. It helps a great deal as I am studying Traditional Chinese Medicine now to become an acupuncturist in the near future. It is amazing how yoga and ancient Chinese wisdom bridge to each other. The more I practice and teach, the more sense this yoga makes based on Chinese channel theories.

I love to discuss with my students about their injuries and health issues. Every time we talk I am cross-referencing my knowledge between these two fields and am surprised by how complicated yet simple our body functions – exactly like Bikram yoga, simple but never easy, and IT WORKS!