Yoga Etiquette

  • No cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted in the yoga room.
  • No food or gum is permitted in the yoga room.
  • No ice cubes in bags.
  • Bags, flip-flops, clothes, socks, keys, belongings should be put away and stored in changing room cubbies provided.
  • No perfumes, cologne, or oils should be worn as they can be irritating or allergic to others.
  • Please leave your shoes at designated shoe area and make sure feet are clean before entering yoga room.
  • To keep the energy of the room in sync, stay in the room for the full 90 minutes.
  • Use the toilet before class and bring plenty of water so you won't need to leave the room.
  • Practice stillness between the postures to ensure you are getting all the benefits.
  • Avoid any disruptions such as talking back to the teacher, going to the toilet, moving around the room.
  • Please be courteous to others when placing your mat in the room so that everyone can see themselves in the mirror.

Leave all stress, all ego, and any tension with your shoes outside the yoga room.